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Any sufficiently advanced tech. is indistinguishable from magic.

As the Smile Innovation Department, we are working on computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and a lot of other amazing topics. We are pushing forward new tech and we explore, investigate and find new use cases for our clients.

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Regarding our graphical identity, in terms of colours or fonts, we choose to stick to the corporate identity. We could have been doing something slicker, cleaner, with a lot of negative space and everything but we acknowledge that effective communication is also how people see us. We don't believe to be a spin-off or a research lab. We are Smile's Innovation Team, so we share 100% of the Smile's branding. Check-out with the marketing & communication team to get the corporate identity PDF.


Smile Innovation badge
That's our regular logo we are using on a daily basis. It's available in PDF, PNG and JPEG in both quadri or black & white. EPS is available in Pantone® and black & white.
Smile Innovation badge
To be used on existing documents, pictures,... The idea is to use like an approval seal.


At Snips, we like your support and your approach.

Nicolas Baron Sales Director Snips

J'aurais pu parler d'autres projets: Auchan,Boulanger...

mais ce que je souhaite mettre en avant, c’est l’écoute, l’enthousiasme mêlés à une bonne dose de créativité dont la DI a fait preuve. Je souhaite que pour 2019 ce soit décuplé et je remercie infiniment l’équipe pour son accompagnement.

Florence Gustin Sales Smile


Interview Drupal Capi Tour
Nov 4, 2019 - Interviews

Hey guys, how are you? It’s a pleasure to meet you. You are both working on the Drupal Capitalization at Smile, under the patronage of the Direction de l’Innovation. First guys, tell us about your career at Smile and how you got here, bonus question, where are you from?

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KODA, giving a voice to vocally impaired people
Aug 27, 2019 -

Nearly one year ago, we ran our annual hackathon at Smile. A good real hackathon, one you would want to attend, tech for good, people for people hackathon. Offering 48h to teams at our company and paying for travel and accommodation in the nice Mama works of Bordeaux. Lovely spaces, well decorated and with a fantastic tech support team to give the best frame for groundbreaking ideas to sprout.

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Smile Trip Tour & Innovation
May 22, 2019 - Events

During summer 2018, Smile did its “Tour” of agencies to talk about innovative projects with clients, and to introduce them to new methodologies, evangelise them about what could be the next big thing in their industry with the Innovation Dpt. Futurology talk.

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