Multiplication table with Snips
Apr 19, 2019

We used the privacy-by-design solution Snips to create an assistant skill. It runs locally to help your child learn multiplication tables. Aside from the fun test, privacy is the real deal here.

Alain Rouen, our head of technology at Smile Innovation, played a little bit with Snips technology to help him create a vocal assistant running on his own hardware, with absolutely no voice record, no personal information of any kind going to a 3rd party server or cloud service.

The demo can be installed on a Raspberry Pi and can be autonomously shown to any clients. It’s now part of the collection of voice demo running on the devices we bring to tech show.

Alain wrote on our medium a complete article covering the basics of how voice assistants are working, which on-premise, privacy by design solutions you can use and how to deploy the demo to try it yourself. Read about it here.

Contact us to get the demo material.